Justice Court

The Court Clerk's Office is located in the basement of the Winston County Courthouse at 16540 Main St. To pay a fine online, go to - www.winstoncountytix.com  or call 1-800-701-8560

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 327
Louisville, Ms. 39339

Phone:         662-773-6016
Fax:             662-773-8817

Email:        mestes@winstoncounty.org

The Justice Court handles the following:

  • Civil cases up to $3500 (Evictions, Replevin, Complaints, etc. $75 filing fee and $61 garnishment filing fee)
  • Ms. Highway Patrol Citations
  • Winston County Sheriff Citations
  • Temporary Domestic Abuse Protective Orders
  • Alcohol Beverage Control Citations
  • Ms. Dept of Transportation Citations
  • Ms. Wildlife,Fisheries and Parks Citations
  • Affidavit Charges


Justice Court Clerk                  Brittany Eichelberger
Justice Court Deputy Clerk      Mindy Estes
Justice Court Deputy Clerk      Phyllis Flake

Judge - West Post                   Robert Beck
Judge - East Post                    Mike Fuller

Constable - West Post            Ed Hunt
Constable - East Post             Ty Hardin

County Prosecutor                 Zachary Madison
Public Defender                   Bruce Brown  662-324-9180
Public Defender                     Austin Vollor   662-323-0083

Other frequently requested phone numbers:
Starkville Highway Patrol Office      662-323-5314
Driver Improvement (Jackson)        601-987-1212