Solid Waste

Winston County's Solid Waste Department was set up in 1993 by the Board of Supervisors. Contact Kathy in the Courthouse Annex at 662-773-8634 for all information.

  •  County waste pickup monthly charge is $8  and is billed quarterly in the amount of $24
  • Payments may be made by mail to P.O. Box 884 (see mailed statement) or to pay your bill in person, go to the Winston County Tax Assessor's Office.
  • If you purchase a home or mobile home in the county, contact this office to set up an account.
  • If you rent and the landowner does not pay the solid waste fee, you will need to contact this office to set up an account.
  • When you move, contact this office so that your account will not continue to be charged.
  • Any changes to your account needs to be reported so that the account can be kept accurate and non-delinquent.
  • Solid waste pick up is once a week on the appointed day dependent on location. Contact this office to verify your day of service.
  • Only household garbage is allowed and it must be bagged.
  • If an account balance exceeds $96 (one year) a lien is filed against the property. Car tags associated with that property will be held until the bill is paid in full. No partial payment is accepted.
  • Liens remain with the property and unpaid amounts can complicate the sale or transfer of property.