Circuit Clerk

"Our goal is to utilize our natural ability to strive to serve the citizens of Winston County with dignity, loyalty, honesty, grace and respect for all, with hard work, dedication and commitment - Gwenita Mays

Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Monday - Friday
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 785  Louisville, MS 39339
Phone: 662-773-3581
Fax: 662-773-7192

  • Marriage Licenses
  •  Civil and Criminal Suits             
  • Lower Court and Supreme Court Appeals
  • Felony Records
  • Record Search (Subject to Public Request Policy)
  • Enroll and Cancel Judgements
  • Elections Management and Assistance
  • Voter Registration and Card Issue
  • Collect Filing Fees from Candidates pursuing a County Office
  • Passport (no appointment required)
  • Record Medical and other Professional Licenses
  • Draw Jurors, prepare summons and qualify Jurors
  • Keep a record of all Judgments and Executions
  • Serve as Clerk of the Court (includes attending court for two - 4 week terms (4th week in April and 4th week in October)
  • Notary Public

Gwenita Mays
Work Number: 662-803-5954

Chief Deputy Clerk:                  
Barbara Gladney
Deputy Clerk - Sarah Hughes

Election Commissioners
Tracy McCully               Dist.1
Byron Foster                  Dist.2
Dean Miller                 Dist.3
Mattie Cooper            Dist.4
Judy Lovorn            Dist.5

Marriage License                        $37.00
Certified Marriage License          $17.00
Abstracts                                    $3.00
Certified Judgement                    $3.00
Record Search                           $10.00