Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Winston Strong Funds to be Used for Long Term Relief Efforts

Immediately after the April 28 tornado, action was taken to establish a disaster relief fund
for Winston County. Through the efforts of the Winston County Partnership and the use of the Winston Community Development, Inc., the fund “WinstonStrong” was established.

Funds contributed to WinstonStrong are to be used for long term relief efforts in Louisville and Winston County. These funds are not to be dispersed for short term, immediate needs of storm victims.

Funds are administered through the Winston Community Development, Inc. which is an established 501c3 non-profit. This means that any contributions will be tax deductible.

A 9 member board composed of an ethnically and economically diverse group of Winston County citizens will administer the funds with direction provided by MSEMA and FEMA. Proper audit procedures will also be in place.

Board member Reverend Mike Dowd indicated that as relief efforts progress, the need for assistance for those who were underinsured or uninsured will become pressing. Case workers will work with those who have needs and who intend to rebuild, repair or relocate within Winston County.

“The fund is intended to help victims after all other resources such as insurance and FEMA assistance have been exhausted or simply not made available.” said Dowd.

If you have questions the relief fund, contact Rev. Mike Dowd throough the Winston County Partnership  at 662-773-8719.

Links to the site can be found on our homepage (WinstonWebNews) , and the home pages of the City of Louisville and Winston County websites. 

There is now a webpage set up through Paypal to accept credit cards and paypal donations - Go to the link:

To make a donation by check - make checks payable to:
Winston Community Development Disaster Relief Fund
Mail to:
Renasant Bank
P.O. Box 389
Louisville, Ms. 39339

or stop by your local Renasant Bank.

If your company or organization would like the graphic for the link, just email us at admin@winstonwebnews.com.