Thursday, September 5, 2013

Winston County - Pre-1920 Government Records Now Indexed

Beginning in 2010, the Local Government Records Office of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) began a multi-year project to assist and advise county governments in managing their earliest records. One component of that project was to inventory the pre-1920 records in Mississippi's oldest counties.

Winston County records are included. Documents from deeds, Chancery and Circuit Court dockets, marriage licenses,pensions and probates are among a long list of records included in the index. Some records go back to the earliest days of Winston County- well into the 1830's.

While the records are not online, the available index provides a great starting point for those conducting historical and genealogical research.

The information in these tables was accurate as of the date of the inventory and therefore may not reflect the records currently in the custody of a county. In each listing, the data are arranged alphabetically by records series title and then by the earliest data of each volume. MDAH uses common names for most records titles, but titles may vary between counties. Additional explanatory information may be included in the notes.

To access the index on the MDAH site- Click here