Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Notice To Delinquent Tax Payers

Julie Cunningham, Chancery Clerk of Winston County, is in the process of identifying and locating homeowners who owe delinquent taxes.  As mandated  by the Mississippi State Code of 1972, Mrs. Cunningham has mailed courtesy notices, certified letters, and has sent Sheriff’s notices to as many delinquent tax payers as can be found.  The next step will be to print a  list of delinquent taxes in the Winston County Journal on June 26 and July 3, 2013

If you owe taxes for the year 2010, they will mature to the purchaser on August 26, 2013.  Please make every effort to pay delinquent amounts before that date.
 August 26, 2013 is also the Land Sale date for 2012 taxes.  At this time taxes for 2012 which are unpaid will sell to purchasers at the Winston County Courthouse.  These taxes must be redeemed within two years to maintain the property.