Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Supervisors Adopt a Rotating Appointment Schedule for ECCC Trustees

The Winston County Supervisors adopted a rotating appointment schedule for East Central Community College Trustees from the County on Monday at the request of the school.
The situation had developed that multiple trustees came up for appointment at the same time. To prevent this from happening in the future, the Board made one time appointments for staggered years. Once these appointment terms are completed, the trustee can be appointed or re-appointed for a full 5 year term with only one appointment required per year.

Trustees from Winston County and their terms are as follows:

Patsy Clark -              1 year       term expires February 28, 2014
Delane Hudson -       2 years     term expires February 28, 2015
Leo Parker -              3 years     term expires February 28, 2016
Jerry Nance -             4 years     term expires February 28, 2017
Randall Livingston    5 years      term expires February 28, 2018

This format will provide a yearly rotation for Trustees in order to avoid two or more Trustees’ terms from expiring at the same time.